Speak Calmly

It’s known as a factual way of being, speaking calmly and playing calm music to plants will ignite them to grow. Imagine what speaking with a calming kindness to humans could do. - dbA

A Wondrous Road

I myself have this wondrous road of happiness that I meander along. It dangerously has its ups and downs, but at the same time it is what fulfills me with being. It is not the same path that you are walking and that is all right, it shouldn’t be. Just remember as you see me wandering in the free open vista, I am not alone. - dbA

The Joy

When you feel the joy of who you are, you become a vivid entity in the Universal Plan. - dbA

Life Goals - Rewritten

Life Goals often need to be rewritten as there are no age requirements or limitations with setting new points to achieve or building new dreams to follow. - dbA

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