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Morning Prayer, Reiki and Meditation with the Reiki Box


“Just For Today”

Get energetic support every day!


I invite you to be part of my Morning Prayer, Reiki and Meditation with the Reiki Box. Receive the support of Prayer and Reiki every day by choosing this mode of energy healing and prayer and the vibrational energy will flow to you each day.


To receive Reiki and Prayer, your name and your intention is placed in my Reiki Box, which is surrounded by healing crystals, which are charged each day.


Being part of Morning Prayer, Reiki and Meditation with the Reiki Box, will aid in balancing and resetting your energy. It aligns you with your inner being so you can face what may come your way with love and confidence.



It’s phenomenal how Reiki and Prayer work so effectively together through space and time. Reiki is a high vibrational energy force that is transmitted through a Reiki Master, who must be trained and attuned to the energy of Reiki. When that energy moves from the universe, via the Reiki Master, into the recipient, their body is best set up into natural healing. The goal is to activate a healing process moving the energetic body into a rest and restore mode, which then, sets the body up for continued healing on its own. With daily Morning Prayer and Reiki it’s like receiving a booster shot.


It’s completely possible to experience beneficial effects of Reiki and Prayer without being in the same physical space as the giver. The way that we experience space and time is not how space and time exist. We live in a linear timeline: We transcend space and time with Reiki, Prayer and It’s energy. By sending the light, it continues to grow.



Prayer energizes the heart of belief through the power of Spirit. By engaging in the act of daily prayer and igniting the power of, “The Higher Spirit,” and the Creator Of All Things, in your life and circumstances.


Many times we feel helplessness that a loved one is beyond reach, somebody that is ill, or a situation that is out of our hands, but we can always pray. Not only is prayer for others our privilege and in some sense our duty, at times it is our own salvation.


Intercessory prayer is the act of praying on behalf of oneself or others. It involves a standing in the gap, an intervention, a stepping in on somebody else's behalf through prayer. It’s releasing and sending vibrational energy. No matter where you are located in the world, you can be connecting with using Reiki and Prayer. Energetically we are together in a sacred healing space.


Daily, Morning Prayer, Reiki and Meditation with the Reiki Box, is the opportunity to have your personal intentions receive the power of Prayer and Reiki energy on a daily basis. As a Reiki Master, each day during my morning prayer and meditation, I transmit Reiki energy to this box of intentions with it acting as a focal point for Reiki and Prayer to then infuse your intentions for the best possible outcome. Each person who has their name & intentions added to the box are included in my Reiki and Prayer and Meditation every single day.

You can ask for anything, whatever it is you wish to bring into your life to improve your life, or things you want to diminish in your life. It is entirely up to you. You can tell me or not, the intention resides with you.


The Reiki Box will be emptied on Summer Solstice, Tuesday, June 21st and burned in a Fire ceremony. It then is refilled and continually receive Reiki and Prayer until Wednesday, December 21st when it will again be emptied and burned in a fire ceremony.



By joining into and being a part of the Morning Prayer, Reiki and Meditation with the Reiki Box, you will also receive frequent text messages. Hello This Morning from the Reiki Room, a text to evoke thought, influence positivity and stay inside the light of existence.


To Be Part:

As you do clear your mind and set your intention, write your name on a peace of paper, any type will do. Your involvement in this way, is the only way to be part of Morning Prayer, Reiki and Meditation with the Reiki Box. You must physically involved, you cannot text, message or email your name. I must receive it as your hand has written it. Please add your cell phone number for the text message and your email address for a monthly email update. Then mail it to me:

Dan Abernathy

P.O. Box 1546

Pinedale, Wyoming 82941.


Morning Prayer, Reiki and Meditation with the Reiki Box is kept going with the support of participants. A donation of gratitude in appreciated but not obligatory.


Disclaimer: Morning Prayer, Reiki and Meditation and the Reiki Box is simply a way for me to spread a little bit of joy and the Essential Way, in a time where a positive light is so needed.



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