Today I’m going to be more of who I am then I was yesterday. Then we can see and wonder about tomorrow.


Once the line of poetry is written it glows with a constant light of who you are. A light that casts an unending shadow of who you were.

How Real Is The Reality

The question is nothing more than inquiry and wonder, but it is the answer that I fear. How real is the reality? Is it the eternity of the universe, unchangeable to my wishes and desires? Or now, as the chicken is full of cornflakes and banana strings jumping from the table, will I feel change and understanding? This euphoric feeling everyone talks about without leaving the comfort and safety of home? I’ll just continue to tell myself that change is beautiful, gratifying with no unpleasant details?

The Comfort of Self

As I age and witness what I see, I’m tending to stay in the comfort of self. It’s not that I’m becoming an introvert, or being antisocial, but rather I am becoming strongly selectively social. There are energies lurking out there I do not need to be close to or touch.

Required Real Estate

I believe the only real estate I require are the stones, twigs, feathers and memories I gather from the places I visit. When I see, touch and hold them, I am swept back to the moment I reached for them. Once again I hold it for the first time, when I ever so gently placed it into my pocket, letting all the elements of being where I was return.

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