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Guided Meditations

One of the easiest ways to enter into a state of deep relaxation and inner stillness is through a guided meditation. With all guided meditations, it is a journey you are joining me on. I may be creating the stage for you, but in fact you are the co-writer. It is your own personal images and visions that you will see. It is also a powerful way to eliminate stress and bring about positive personal change. A guided meditation is simply, "meditation with the help of a guide".


Usui Reiki Master Dan Abernathy writes his own visually impactful scripts for each guided meditations with each one being a different journey towards self, on the path towards a higher consciousness. Your meditation will begin with you sitting comfortably and listening, while he leads you through a series of relaxing visualizations. As you relax and become still, stress fades away and your mind becomes clear as your heart opens.

Notification of classes will be announced, or you can contact Dan for more information.


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