The Person You Are

Just for today: I will find the courage to parade the path of me. Walk through the debris of man that expects you to be the person you are not. - dbA

A Gift

That breath that you just inhaled was a gift. Look to the skies with gratitude as it may not always be giving. - dbA


“Just for today, be grateful,” then live this mantra each day. It is so important to notice and to spread thoughts of gratitude each day as this is living with a grateful heart. We not only create light within the people we are, but we also become a powerful collective consciousness for light. Gratitude is a vibration of the Divine Light. It is part of the foundation of all religions. Everything in the universe shares gratitude as a part of its life force. When we live in gratitude we create a band of light that collects the gratitude we express and becomes a prevailing thought of peace and thanksgiving encircling the Earth. I do not know what to do about all the darkness in the world, but I


We never think much about it, or realize it can be, but in this life we live by choice. Choice is a decision that is made by you. You must realize that with this choice you are but just one decision away from a totally different life. - dbA


Not everything needs evaluation. Often it’s more rewarding and pleasurable to just observe and intermingle in the moment of what you are seeing. - dbA

I Am Real

You do not like me because I am real. You fear me because I am my true self. I am sorry for not being fake, but I will not live a false life so you can be more comfortable. -dbA


With each act of kindness we are telling someone else that it is okay, there is still love in this world. - dbA


It is said that true communication is achieved when words are held captive and not released. Sometimes a conversation is between the energies of the higher self, where silence is all that is needed. - dbA

The Quiet Times

It is the quiet times that empower me. The time by the creek, sitting and listening to the water move. It is the brief moments invested in awe of a spectacular sunrise. These are the moments of stillness that I see and feel myself. These are the times I am unbound. - dbA

Closing the Door

When you close the door to your heart and speak with the tone of negativity, the voice and actions are released to wander and leave marks that cannot be erased. Your thoughts, birthed from the unknown, turned to words and flowed into my being, cutting deeply into the foundation. So on this new day I sit quietly and use the language of the heart that knows forgiveness to send love and compassion, but sadly, now only from a distance, as being within your realm is much to costly for the person that I have chosen to be. -dbA

Feeling Energy

Often times, the energy that you feel speaks louder then any words you may hear. - dbA

Beyond Compassion

We have passed so far beyond the ways of compassionate caring and respect for our fellow man that we have become obscured and misplaced. We have become the lost tribe as we burrow deeper into non social living, freely giving our fleeting attention span to an electronic device resting in the palm of our hands. We care more about the number of likes we can get from a meaningless post, then the brutal atrocities happening daily. We as a whole have become desensitized to humanity. We have turned blind eyes to what is happening to earth, our planet, our home. Now as the body count continues to increase, we feel no remorse for dead, bleeding bodies as we stumble and fall into complete and total an

Living the Lesson

We are all here on this earth living the lesson of who we are and where we are trading, yet no one is walking at the same pace, or receiving the same lesson. - dbA

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