A Strong Message

The strongest message we can convey to the people, would be to fight the bloated dimension of authority that strives to eradicate your freedom and extinguish your will to be an individual. - dbA

The Quite Ones

I prefer the quiet ones. The ones speaking less words and spending more time looking at the sky while the light expands their thoughts. The peaceful people that nurture curiosity, explore the new, question what is happening and choose their own vibrant path in life. -dbA

Reiki at Elevation Yoga

Essential Reiki Sessions at Elevation Yoga Movement and Wellness Studio 225 S. Sublette, Pinedale. The Essential Reiki Session Energy Healing, Chakra Harmonizing & Restoring Homeostasis with Usui Reiki and Essential Oils Come have a Reiki Session that is unlike any you have experienced, with Usui Reiki Master Dan Abernathy. Being schooled in many different modalities of healing, and with extensive application to his clients, he has intertwined his healing techniques with the Spiritual essence of the Essential Way, creating what is now deemed, “The Essential Reiki Session”. These sessions include, Kum Nye, Usui Reiki, AromaTouch Therapy, Crystal Healing, and the healing vibrations of t

I Am

Living within the existence of I want, I was and I did, “I Am,” Is the only subject of these acts. Put ego, attainment and performance aside and remind yourself to solely be in the moment of “NOW.” Let the eyes see, the ears hear, the skin feel and the tongue taste. Be mindful to the now and release “I” to be identified as, I am completely here now. – dbA

This Place

I have found this place in my life and feel as if I have arrived. This place is all around me, no matter where I may stand. This place is of peace and calmness with compassion so strong and powerful negativity cannot crawl in. - dbA


Relax and find the freedom to let the universe carry you as you open yourself to the true fate. This is the life force energy that carries the true version of who you are to where you are intended to go. - dbA

The Goal

The goal I believe, is to have a mind that is free of clutter and debris. One that is open to everything, yet attached to nothing. - dbA

Plaque of our Nation

Seems to be the plague of our Nation, mindless drama with the stench of anarchy has infiltrated on all levels leaving little allowance for the importance of living. - dbA


With all the words I share, I do so not to make anyone understand who I am. I am merely sharing who I am in hopes to better understand myself. - dbA

Peace of Calmness

What we begin with is the peace of calmness. To do this we work with mindfulness and compassion. When we are mindful we can see and feel the calmness of ourselves and those around us. If there is no calmness, then we use compassion to restore it. - dbA

The Quite Ones

I prefer being with the quite ones, the ones speaking less words while spending extended time beholding the skies. - dbA

The Path

The path is to strive to seek, to look and to truly see. To find and then to never yield with the acceptance of, this is enough. - dbA

Our Society

Our society is governed by the celebration of ego with the untruth of success and power, which feeds greed and ignorance. Success does not arrive from ego, control or any materialistic value. Success arrives from the acceptance of living each day with no anger, surrendering to calmness, compassion and gratitude. This is the way, the way towards the highest realm of being. - dbA

Daily Reminders for a Better Way

Daily Reminders for a Better Way The Essential Way Cards My spiritual beliefs have been minimalized and even separated from the norm, but with this simplification, it has purified into, The Essential Way. This has not only developed into a tremendous healing and compassionate Reiki session but it has brought to the light, The Seven Elements of the Essential Way. With the dawning of each day put into your routine the seven important elements of the Essential Way; Calmness, Compassion, Kindness, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Love and Mindfulness. Think about each of these words and what they truly mean. Receive the all of what they are for you share them. This is a direction that holds no reason for

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