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Reiki at Elevation Yoga

Essential Reiki Sessions at Elevation Yoga Movement and Wellness Studio 225 S. Sublette, Pinedale. The Essential Reiki Session Energy Healing, Chakra Harmonizing & Restoring Homeostasis with Usui Reiki and Essential Oils Come have a Reiki Session that is unlike any you have experienced, with Usui Reiki Master Dan Abernathy. Being schooled in many different modalities of healing, and with extensive application to his clients, he has intertwined his healing techniques with the Spiritual essence of the Essential Way, creating what is now deemed, “The Essential Reiki Session”. These sessions include, Kum Nye, Usui Reiki, AromaTouch Therapy, Crystal Healing, and the healing vibrations of the Tibetan Singing Bowl, which leaves his clients muttering, “Wow, Unbelievable and amazing,” after each .

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