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Being In The Now

Being present in the moment of being is more than just being there. Being in the “Now,” is being fully aware and alive right where you are at, right now. It is not in the future or the past, though we must hold respect for both. If we all could strive and accomplish this way, I believe we would not have the issues we are currently experiencing.

The world is continuing to see a strong division, in just about all things. In truth I believe it is growing and getting stronger. A split is forming, or growing and causing fear, a fear that is being fed to grow.

But I also believe that there is hope. I am seeing that the people of the world are perhaps beginning to awaken. They are trying to remove the murkiness that has been positioned over their lives, stifling who they are. They are beginning to look up and are stopping, “letting it be.” We do not have to start a violent revolution, just a rebellion as no longer should any of us be willing to agree to things that are insulting to the core of our souls.

. The Essential Way – A Foundation For Peace By Discovering Calmness, the first element of the Essential Way, a foundation is created and the simplification of living can begin. . To find more about the Essential Way - A Foundation For Peace, go to Here you may read about the 7 Elements and inspirational affirmations of Usui Reiki Master of Dan Abernathy.

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