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Beyond Compassion

We have passed so far beyond the ways of compassionate caring and respect for our fellow man that we have become obscured and misplaced. We have become the lost tribe as we burrow deeper into non social living, freely giving our fleeting attention span to an electronic device resting in the palm of our hands. We care more about the number of likes we can get from a meaningless post, then the brutal atrocities happening daily. We as a whole have become desensitized to humanity. We have turned blind eyes to what is happening to earth, our planet, our home. Now as the body count continues to increase, we feel no remorse for dead, bleeding bodies as we stumble and fall into complete and total anarchy. We are governed by stupidity and greed, where the innocent and the victims are the only ones loosing their rights. What we were as a nation is gone, leaving only a faint glimmer of what we again could be, but I ask how is this possible with no leadership, or accountability for what is being done? - dbA

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