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As a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, it was a great honor for me to teach Essential Reiki and pass on the attunements of Reiki I & II with the spa staff at Rancho Santana in Nicaragua. My heart unfolds to Khaki Wieters, Tanya Lexin, Yosselin Acevedo, Maria de Los Angeles Guzman, Yolanda Amador Martinez, Daylin Lopez, Isayana Rosario Mora, Francisca Obando, and Peter Lanuza Gonzalez
         My goal as teacher is to help students become competent and confident Reiki healers, while guiding and nurturing them to fully develop their capacity to work with energy and help them develop within themselves the idea of living the Reiki way, not to just practicing it.

       As a Reiki instructor it is my purpose to help connect the, “energetic dots,” for the students so they understand the mind, body, and energy relationship. These dots would not have been linked without the amazing help of Tanya and Khaki, who not only were the translators in this all Spanish speaking class, but also the conduits helping the energy flow and touch each person there.
        As I watched the Reiki energy ignite during the wonderful days I truly was living the Reiki Way and found the truth of becoming the Reiki Master, for this is when you truly become the student of Reiki.

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