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The Ancient Healers

The ancient healers recognized that the body is more than a material vessel.  They respected the wholeness of the body; including emotions, mind and spirit and they treated their patients with reverence and care. Healing was a three-way agreement between healer, the Higher Spirit and the person being healed. Such partnerships in healing are missing with today's modern medicine, along with the concepts of wholeness and respect. By learning and using the ancient skills of healing, many diseases of the body, emotions, mind and spirit are preventable, or are easily transformed before they become matters for allopathic medicine.  The skills of the ancient healers are not lost, they are still available, powerful and very much alive.

Essential Reiki I & I


The Next

Essential Reiki I & II Class

January 23-26, 2020

The Grace Event Center

Roosevelt, Utah

What Is Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique used for energy balancing, stress reduction and relaxation. It is administered by touch, the placing of hands. It is based on the idea of the universal life force energy, which flows through all of us. This energy is the essence of our being, our consciousness and our soul. As the flow of life force energy moves through our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, it can become unbalanced, stagnant or blocked. When this happens, we experience the inability of life force energy to flow freely. If the life force energy is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy, healthy and experience joy.


Essential Reiki I & II

Essential Reiki I & II are easy to learn and powerful to use on yourself, friends and family. These classes are for anyone interested in learning techniques for self-healing and helping others. Whether you are a professional healer or not, you will enjoy these classes and benefit from the material presented. This class is very personal and relaxed, yet well organized to achieve the intended goals. Essential Reiki is taught using the Usui style of Reiki with lecture, discussion, an attunement for each level, and plenty of hands on experience. There will also be instruction with the use of a pendulum, Kum Nye for relaxation, meditations and Redolence Therapy with essential oils. You will have the skills and knowledge needed to immediately start giving yourself and others powerful Reiki treatments. If you are already a Reiki practitioner, this course will enhance your previous Reiki training. Upon completion of this 3 ½ day intensive workshop will result in certification as an Essential Reiki I and II Practitioner.

This class is a pre-requisite for obtaining Master status with Essential Reiki. 


In this 3 ½ day Healing class of Essential Reiki, you will learn:


Essential Reiki Level I

Day One (Evening Class)

Class Times, 6:30 to 8:30


In Level I you will learn:

• The Essential Way and Foundation For Peace

                        The Seven Elements of the Essential Way

• What Is Essential Reiki


Essential Reiki Level I - Continued

Day Two (All Day Class)

Class Times, 9:00 to 6:30


What Reiki is, how it heals, and how you can apply it in your everyday life. You will uncover the history of Reiki; use of the Gassho Meditation Technique practiced by Dr. Mikao Usui. You will also learn the Kenyoku technique to strengthen your own energy and to disconnect from energy that is not yours. Receiving your first attunement for Reiki Level I will occur on this full day. 


• Annotations of Reiki

• The Original Reiki Ideas

• History of Reiki

• The Chakras

• Gassho Meditation

• Reiki One Attunement

• Self Treatment

• Practice Hand Positions

• Kum Nye

Using Kum Nye to relax the mind and body as a prelude to a Reiki Session. Kum Nye is based on Tibetan teachings for living in harmony with physical and universal laws to help relieve stress, transform negative patterns and promote balance and health.



Usui Reiki Level II

Day Three (All Day Class)

Class Times, 9:00 to 6:30


Students will be taught the three powerful Reiki II Symbols, what each individual symbol means and how to use the Reiki II symbols when giving a treatment on others and yourself. You will also receive your second attunement to Reiki II Level, which attunes you to the first three Usui Reiki symbols.


• Talk on Reiki II Symbols

• Explain complete process of Reiki Session

• Break into groups and practice

• The Pendulum

Use of the Pendulum & Checking Chakra Alignment

A pendulum is a valuable tool that allows us to communicate with what we are sensing from the energies. This includes information and the importance of Chakra balancing.


Essential Usui Reiki Level II

Day Four (All Day Class)

Class Times, 6:30 to 8:30


• Redolence Therapy

Restoring Homeostasis & Chakra Harmonizing with Essential Oils and Reiki. The uses of essential oils are vast and represent a well-documented model for improving overall health. Students will be instructed in the application of eight different essential oils along the spine and on the soles of the feet.


• Explain The Complete Essential Reiki Session

• Beginning your Reiki Practice

• Closing With Certificate of Completion


You will receive a detailed Reiki I & II class manual to assist you in a further home study of the course, along with additional materials. You will also receive a handmade pendulum made exclusively for the class by the Reiki Master Teacher


With the completion of this amazing weekend, you will have the skills and confidence necessary to give yourself and others a powerful Essential Reiki healing treatment!


A maximum of 10 students are accepted per class with the intention of providing a classroom environment that supports personal healing, plenty of hands-on instruction and quality time for getting all questions answered.


Tuition: $350

Deposit: $175 is required to will reserve your space and the remaining balance is due by the 1st day of class. Deposits are non-refundable but may be transferred to future classes.

Lunch: A one-hour lunch break is given at approximately 1:00 pm.

Dress: Casual and comfortable. Bring plenty of water!


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