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The Essential Way

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The Zen Way

The Way of Toa

The Eternal Way of Hinduism

The Way of Christ,

from these centers came the

The Essential Way



The Essential Way

My philosophy for religion derives from the simplicity, non-judgment and fragments of the person that I am. It is a union of beliefs, molded from many means that emerged into, the Essential Way. Practiced and shared each and every day, living would care for self and there would be no requirement for more.


The Essential Way

Accepting certainty and extracting and implementing simple beliefs of core doctrines has simply minimalized my spiritual beliefs. In the simplification of passionate belief, founded from the core of faith; they have been purified into the Essential Way.


The Essential Way is merely seven fundamental components that need no named religion to follow; yet if they were followed, would eradicate negativity and hate and the world as a whole, would become free. Knowing, feeling and constantly projecting, Calmness, Compassion, Kindness, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Love and Mindfulness is the “Way,” a way that holds no reason for anything else to be done.


Dan Abernathy

walks his true path as an energy worker, healer and educator, not only in sharing his Essential Reiki but with everyone’s journey of spiritual purpose and growth towards a higher conscienceless. Nothing is more gratifying to him then assisting someone to further explore the possibilities for deep healing and inner discovery. Through his spiritual path and nonjudgmental compassion, he has become an emotional healer and confidant to many of his clients.

Dan is the creator of the Essential Way, which was born from his lifestyle of living and influenced form many spiritual sources. His spiritual beliefs have been minimalized and even separated from the norm, but with this simplification, it was purified into, The Essential Way. This has not only developed into a tremendous healing and compassionate Reiki session but it has brought to the light, The Seven Elements of the Essential Way.

Dan’s meets people by appointment. A session with this intuitive healer is one that will not be soon forgotten. He also travels to surrounding communities for Reiki Sessions, guided meditations, spiritual readings, and providing workshops as well as Reiki classes.

From the Derivative of Thought,

               Prayer and Meditation

Living Towards a High Consciences

The Written Words of Dan Abernathy

April 1, 2020

I’m truly not ever really afraid. I am not aggressive or fearless. I just like the freedom of being at peace. Therefore, with peace I am free. Even now, being part of the “at risk” population, I can find no disharmony or panic with who I am. - dbA

April 1, 2020

Each morning I make my bed as the start of an orderly plan. As I turn and walk away, the order stays. Now all I can hear, and be slightly amused by, is just how much noise people ignoring each other can make. - dbA

April 1, 2020

When lost, you will not be found waiting for someone to find you. There is no help. You yourself are the only person who can find the place where you truly belong. - dbA

April 1, 2020

With the weight of yesterday on your shoulders, it is hard to walk through today and step into tomorrow. - dbA

December 6, 2019

It is the time we spend alone that we find our true selves. In these quieted moments we are not defined by someone else, as we have the uninterrupted freedom to meet who we really are. - dbA

December 6, 2019

It is energetically empowering to allow your skin to touch the Earth, a bond that also rekindles with age. As a child we run with wild abandonment, carefree and free, only to crave the freedom again with age, to remove our shoes and feel the age-old connection. We all...

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